Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture

Main thrust arears of Natural Resoureces Management were listed:

  • Food security (production, access, nutrition,fauna and flora, ecosystem, agro               climatology
  • Climate variability and changes and crop zoning)
  • Green economy (pollutio, soil erosion/conservation, amd land use planning)
  • Water security( quality, quantity, productivity and disasters)
  • Committee Members

  • Prof. Chandi Rajapakse
  • Prof. Mala Amarasinghe
  • Dr. N D R Weerawardena
  • Dr. Sarath Illanganthileke
  • Dr. B V R Punyawardena
  • Dr. Ajith Gunawardena
  • Mr. Ajantha de Silva
  • Mr. L S k Hettiarachhi
  • Mr. Herath Manthrithilake
  • Mrs. Lalith Chandrapala
  • Ms. PriyangiJayasinghe
  • Mr. R M S Bandara
  • Mrs. W Samaraweera
  • Mr. K A I D Silv