Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture


(S144) Field Crops Research IWMI
(S1683) Field Mycology IWMI
(S1525) Fish and Shellfish Immunology IWMI
(S1526) Fisheries Research IWMI
(S635) Fisheries Science NARA
(S1145) Food and Bioproducts Processing NSF
(S1528) Food and Chemical Toxicology IWMI
(S1814)Food Bioscience IWMI
(S148)Food Chemistry IWMI
(S456) Food Control IWMI
(S1529)Food Hydrocolloids IWMI
(S801)Food Microbiology IWMI
(S1815) Food Packaging and Shelf Life IWMI
(S457)Food Policy IWMI
(S1530)Food Quality and Preference IWMI
(S1531)Food Research International IWMI
(S1816)Food Structure IWMI
(S450)Forest Ecology and Management IWMI
(S1159)Forest Policy and Economics IWMI
(S1160)Forests Trees and Livelihoods DF
(S1684)Fungal Biology DF
(S1532)Fungal Biology Reviews DF

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