Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture


(S1862) IASLIC Bulletin NSF
(S175) Indian Coconut Journal ITI
(S176) Indian Farming TRI;HARTI
(S178) Indian Forester DF
(S880) Indian Food Packer ITI
(S180) Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics HARTI
(S1027) Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing HARTI
(S192) Indian Journal of Forestry DF
(S1620)Industrial crops and products IWMI
(S1536)Infection, Genetics and Evolution IWMI
(S1719)Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice IWMI
(S1538)Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology IWMI
(S1539)International Dairy Journal IWMI
(S1644)International Forest Industries DF
(S1317)International Journal of Climatology NSF
(S1540)International Journal of Food Microbiology IWMI
(S1621)International journal of refrigeration IWMI
(S1867)International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development CEA
(S1350)Invention Intelligence ITI
(S201)International Journal of Water Resources Development IWMI
(S1501)International Studies IWMI
(S207)Irrigation Science ww IWMI

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