Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture


(S208) JARQ - Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly TRI
(S1541) Journal for Nature Conservation IWMI
(S176) S1102)Journal of Agricultural Economics HARTI
(S216) Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research IWMI
(S217) Journal of Agricultural science TRI
(S1848) Journal of Applied Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants IWMI
(S1692) Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology IWMI
(S1542) Journal of Cereal Science IWMI
(S1543)Journal of Comparative Pathology IWMI
(S1819)Journal of Contaminant Hydrology IWMI
(S1723)Journal of Environmental Health CEA
(S1863)Journal of Environmental Sciences NARA
(S1695)Journal of Equine Veterinary Science IWMI
(S1696)Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine IWMI
(S471)Journal of Experimental Animal Science NSF
(S240)Journal of Experimental Botany IWMI
(S1545)Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology IWMI
(S246)Journal of Food Composition and Analysis IWMI
(S997)Journal of Food Engineering IWMI
(S245)Journal of Food Science and Technology ITI
(S1546)Journal of Forest Economics IWMI
(S1697)Journal of Functional Foods IWMI
(S1320)Journal of General Plant Pathology NSF
(S1623)Journal of human evolution IWMI
(S1547)Journal of Hydro-Environment Research IWMI
(S640)Journal of Hydrology IWMI
(S644)Journal of Indian Institute of Science IWMI
(S1547)Journal of Hydro-Environment Research NSF;TRI
(S254)Journal of Insect Physiology IWMI
(S1548)Journal of Invertebrate Pathology IWMI
(S1794)Journal of Marine Science and Technology IWMI
(S1549)Journal of Marine Systems IWMI
(S257)Journal of Natural Products NARA
(S1849)Journal of Nutrition Education IWMI
(S1549)Journal of Marine Systems IWMI
(S1823)Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior IWMI
(S1824)Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism IWMI
(S1550)Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B:Biology IWMI
(S262)Journal of Plant Physiology IWMI
(S1624)Journal of rural studies IWMI
(S1551)Journal of Sea Research IWMI
(S270)Journal of Stored Products Research IWMI
(S645)Journal of Tea Science (China) TRI
(S1818)Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics IWMI
(S1626)Journal of the American Dietetic Association IWMI
(S1779)Journal of the Arid Environments IWMI
(S279)Journal of the Science Food and Agriculture TRI
(S1627)Journal of theoretical biology IWMI
(S1628)Journal of thermal biology IWMI
(S451)Journal of tropical forest Science NSF;DF
(S1552)Journal of Veterinary Behaviour:Clinical Applications & Research NSF;DF
(S1553)Journal of Veterinary Cardiology NSF;DF
(S1554)Journal of Water and Health CEA

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