Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture

SLCARP External Review of the Institutes

Review at VRI is delayed as new appointments of the Chairman and a member, and non-submission of the Institute Report to the Review Panel. Review at SRI is delayed as the Review Panel has been reappointed to SRI cancelling the review at CRI. Also, a request was made to appoint an additional member who is specialized in the field of mechanization, sugarcane and its by-product processing by the Director, SRI (Letter attached). Mr. Thilakasena Yaddehige, Former Chief Executive Officer, Pelwatta Sugar Company (Private) Limited was appointed with the pending approval of the Chairman, SLCARP.

SLCARP National Agricultural Award 2017

Award ceremony of the SLCARP National Awards for the excellence in Agricultural Research, a mandatory function of the SLCARP Act. No 47, 1987, for recognizing the most outstanding research and researchers in agricultural research. Three most outstanding researches and researchers were given awards from each sector of Plantation, Non Plantation, and livestock & Fisheries. In addition, one research study from the plantation sector was selected to award a certificate of Commendation. The Award Ceremony was held on 14th December 2017 at the Auditorium of the Institute of Policy Studies, No 100/20, and Independence Avenue, Colombo 07. 120 participants were participated at this event sector was selected to award a certificate of Commendation.