Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture

National Agricultural Research Plan (NARP) of Sri Lanka

National Committee on Plant Breeding / Friut Crop Research and development Institute

FCRDI NARP/15/DOA/FCRDI/02 Development of Mungbean varieties with multi-disease resistance (Mungbean Yellow Mosaic, Powdery Mildew Bruchid) resistant and drought tolerance with synchronized maturity. 2015
FCRDI/GLORDC NARP/15/DOA/FCRDI/GLORDC/01 Collection, establishment and evaluation of Wood apple germplasm from Dry and Intermediate zones. 2015
FCRDI/RARDC/ Killinochchi NARP/15/DOA/RARDC/KI/01 Development of dual purpose cluster Onion variety/s to fullfill the needs of planting materials and commercial bulbs requirements in Sri Lanka. 2015