Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture

National Agricultural Research Plan (NARP) of Sri Lanka

National Committee on Plant Breeding / Rice Research Development Institute

RRDI NARP/15/DOA/RRDI/01 Improvement of grain quality attributes of rice varieties suitable for the international community 2015
RRDI NARP/15/DOA/RRDI/04 Development of locally adaptable Cytoplasmic Male Sterile (CMS) rice lines. 2015
RRDI/ RRS Labuduwa NARP/15/DOA/RRDI/RRS-LB/02 Rice variety selection for the different soil conditions of Low Country Wet Zone through farmer participatory approach. 2015
RRDI NARP/16/DOA/RRDI/01 Development of new salinity tolerance rice lines to improve rice productivity under salinity affected in Sri Lanka 2016
RRDI NARP/16/DOA/RRDI/02 Development of Brown Plant Hopper (BPH) resistant new rice varieties as eco-friendly approach for BPH management 2016
RRDI ARP/16/DOA/RRDI/03 Introgression of temperature tolerance to mega rice varieties in Sri Lanka to develop new segregating population for generation advancement 2016
RRDI NARP/11/DOA/RRDI/01-II a Development of rice varieties for abiotic stresses: submergence, salinity, drought escape/tolerance and iron toxicity Phase - II 2016