SLCARP serves as an organization in an advisory capacity for co-coordinating and consolidating efforts within Sri Lanka NARS, funding research projects/programmes and promoting scientific research linkages in prioritized areas both nationally and internationally. SLCARP has been instrumental in promoting and facilitating research, by improving and enhancing agricultural research through documentation and communicating latest advances in research to the NARS scientists.

SLCARP has identified its own perspective, plans and programs for the future in keeping with the aspirations and goals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries to meet the future challenges in enhancing domestic food production and exports focused on poverty reduction.




“A vibrant and sustainable agricultural research, 
development and innovation system assuring 
socio-economic development of Sri Lanka”

  “To ensure agricultural research, development and
innovations are directed towards national
development goals through policy formulation,
facilitation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation
and impact assessment.”


  1. To advise the Government on all matters regarding the organization, co-ordination, planning and execution of agricultural research and such other related matters as may be referred to it by the Minister
  2. To formulate national agricultural research policy and priorities.
  3. To define the overall aims and scope of agricultural research with a view to furthering national development objectives
  4. To make recommendations to the appropriate authorities on the financial, manpower and physical resources required by agricultural research institutions and establishments and on the terms and conditions of service of the staff of such institutions and establishments
  5. To review institutional and departmental agricultural research programmes and make recommendations with regard to their priorities and funding to the Ministry of the Minister in charge of the subject of Finance and Planning
  6. To promote and facility excellence in in agricultural research
  7. To act as a channel of communication between agricultural research institutions and the Government
  8. To arrange for and fund inter-institutional agricultural research projects
  9. To arrange for and fund special scientific services for the entire agricultural research sector
  10. To promote linkages between agricultural research institutions at national and international level. 
  11. organize conferences and seminars on international, national and inter-institutional issues relating to agricultural research
  12. To arrange for the post-graduate training of agricultural research staff and for inter- change of scientists with recognized research institutes aboard
  13. To review the performance of agricultural research projects, institutions and divisions from time to time


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