National Committees

Overview of National Committees


Objectives of the National Committees

The National Committees on Research Programmes and Projects (NCRPP) is appointed by the SLCARP Council and it is responsible for overall Agricultural Research Management and Coordination work in all disciplines of agricultural research. This Committee is assigned the execution of agricultural research of NARS institution/universities. 
The Committee has the authority to make suggestions to all the Natonal/Specialist subject area committee regarding agricultural research management matters and to implement its decisions pertaining to these committees with the permission of the SLCARP council. NCRPP has to work in collaboration with these National Specialist subject area committee.

Also, SLCARP has ten (12) National /Subject Committee to screen, monitor and assess research projects/proposals for submission to the Treasury for funding. These Committees are represented by eminent agricultural scientists in the country.

  1. Formulate policies and strategies relevant to different disciplines in the Agricultural Sector, Identify national level research priorities
  2. Screening of research proposals for treasury funds
  3. Review the progress of on-going research
  4. Promote collaborative research projects/programs nationally and internationally
  5. Facilitate interaction through sharing of information
  6. Organize national /International meetings/workshops to facilitate sectoral research

National Committee in Plantation Sector


National Committee in Food Crop Sector

Main thrust areas:

Development of sustainable agriculture systems is the key for achieving food security. In this aspect, use of effective and environmentally sound management strategies to overcome the threats caused by biotic constrints such as insect pests. nematodes,weeds and pathogens,plays an important role in determining the quantity and quality of agricultural production and productivity. To acheive these targets, strengthening of the research and development in relation to national priorities identifiedin this important subject area is vital.


 Committee Members 2024 - 2028 



Main thrust areas:

  • Plant genetic resource management and utilization
  • Productivity enhancement through genetic improvement
  • Quality improvement to meet the requirements of the end-users
  • Increasing the availability of quality seeds and planting materials.




 Committee Members 2024 - 2028 

National Committee in Forestry Sector

 Committee Members 2024 - 2028 


National Committee in Livestock and Poultry Sector

 Committee Members 2024 -2048 

National Committee in Fisheries and Aquatic Resourcesy Sector

Committee Members 2024 - 2028 


National Committee in Floriculture Sector

Committee Members 2024 - 2048