Research Policy and Priorities


One of the mandatary fuctions of the CARP is to formulate national agricultural research policy and priorities. Accordingly SLCARP council appointed a Committee to prepare a working document, to develop the research policy for 2017- 2021 through a process of broader stakeholder consultation, incorporating their ideas/requirements. This Committee is comprised of the Chairpersons of the National Committees of major thrust areas in agriculture, functioning under the SLCARP Council. The SLCARP Council approved the National Agricultural Research Policy for 2017-2021.

The main thrust areas covered in the policy are:

•  Legal and regulatory mechanisms
•  Institutional framework
•  Coordinating mechanisms
•  Priority setting
•  Financing and resource mobilization
•  Capacity Building
•  Knowledge management
•  Technology transfer
•  Sustainable use of biodiversity
•  Natural resources and International cooperation

National Agriculture Research Policy and Strategy - 2018-2027