External Review

External review is an important mandated activity of Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy (SLCARP) to measure research performances of the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) institutions. Main objectives of these external reviews are to evaluate the performances; to recognize good practices; to facilitate continuous improvements; and to inculcate the research culture into the NARS. The main features of external review are self-evaluation by the institution, including a review visit and perusal of evidence culminating in a review report with judgment and commentary. The overall purpose of external review is to achieve research goals, and by using a peer review process to promote sharing of good practices and to facilitate continuous improvement. This overall purpose can be
sub-divided into five specific aspects. 

  1. Confidence - to inculcate self-confidence within the capacity of institution to safeguard standards, both internally and externally, through a transparent process which involves and is owned by staff throughout the institution.  
  2. Accountability - to achieve accountability through external review and public report of an institution's evidence of its own to the mandate given and actions taken to improve and be responsive the national agricultural research system.  
  3. Information - to provide systematic, clear, and accessible information on the standards that are relevant to the national agricultural research system.  
  4. Improvement - to promote improvement by identifying and sharing strengths and weaknesses through external review, comply with national the standers of the national agricultural research system.  
  5. Innovation - to showcase innovative agricultural practices, community extension, management, linkages or income generation to meet national or regional needs that could be recognized by the external review panel.  

External Review Reports



National Institute of Post-harvest Management – NIPHM 

Fruit Research and Development Institute - FRDI



National Aquatic Resources Research & Development Agency - NARA 

Veterinary Research Institute - VRI

Palmyrah Research Institute - PRI 

Field Crop Research & Development Institute - FCRDI 

Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research & Training Institute - HARTI

Sugarcane Research Institute - SRI



Coconut Research Institute - CRI 

National Plant Quarantine Service - NPQS



Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy - SLCARP

Department of National Botanic Garden - DNBG

Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation - SLCC



Natural Resources Management Centre - NRMC