Information Act

Information Officers


DR. S M P C Padmini

MR. L G Hettiarachchi

Ms.P.G.C.L Sumanasinghe

(+94)11 2665553 / (+94)711 712377
(+94)11 2689939 / (+94)71 3023601 (+94)71 7196762


The Right to Information Commission is the central oversight and enforcement agency established under the Right to Information Act, No. 12 of 2016, established under Section 11 of the RTI Act. It is a statutorily independent body which has powers to hold inquiries into complaints on non- compliance and to recommend disciplinary actions against offending officials. It also has the powers to prosecute those who commit offences defined in the Act. The Commission consists of a Chair and 4 Members appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Constitutional Council. 

The Constitutional Council is required to, for this purpose, recommend one person each nominated by the a) Bar Association of Sri Lanka, b) media organisations, and c) other civil society organisations. The recommended persons should have distinguished themselves in public life and have experience and eminence in their chosen field, not hold political, public or judicial office or any office of profit, not be connected to any political party and not be carrying out any business or pursuing a profession. The Commissioners hold office for 5 years. and are obliged to not disclose any information that is exempted under the provisions of the RTI Act. 

The Commission shall appoint the Director General and other officers and employees as necessary. The Director – General of the Commission shall be its CEO. The Commission has its own Fund into which sums of money voted for its use by Parliament and any donations, gifts, or grants from outside sources are credited .


Secretary/ Director
HM 2-3 -Rs[98,215- 12×2,700-130,615]

Deputy Director (Research Management)
HM 1-3- 2016 Rs.[86,865- 15×2,270- 120,915]

Senior Scientist
HM 1-1- 2016 Rs. [80,295- 15x 2,270- 114,345]

Senior Research Officer
AR 2 -2016 Rs.(76,200 -10 x 2,000-96,200)

Research Officer
AR 1 -2016 Rs. (53,150-10x 1,375-15×1,910-95,550)

Assistant Director (Administration)
MM 1-1 -2016 Rs.[53,175-10x 1,375-15x 1,910- 95,575]

MM 1-1 – 2016 Rs.[53,175-10x 1,375-15x 1,910- 95,575]

Administrative Officer/ Librarian
JM 1-1 – 2016 Rs.[42,600-10×755- 18×1,135 – 70,580]

Management Assistant  (Technical)
MA 2-2 Rs.[30,310 – 10×300- 7×350- 4×600- 20×710-52,360]

Management Assistant (Non-Technical)
MA 1-1 – 2016 Rs.[27,910- 10×300- 7×350 -4×495 – 20×660- 48,540]

PL3- 2016 Rs.[26,290-10×270- 10×300-10×330- 12×350-39,490]

Office Aid 
PL 1 – 2016 Rs.[24,750- 10x 250- 10×270- 7×300- 15x 330-37,000]