Agricultural Technological Exhibition, Bata-Atha

Agricultural Technological Exhibition, Bata-Atha

Agri-Tech 24' Agricultural Technological Exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Plantation Industries (MA&PI) and all its affiliated institutions, at Bata-Atha Agricultural Technical Park under the leadership of Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industries Honorable Mr. Mahinda Amaraweera from March 02 to 05, 2024. This was organized in connection with the 37th Asia Pacific Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization.


The Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy (SLCARP) as an affiliated institute of MA&PI also set up a stall at the exhibition.

The staff members of SLCARP demonstrated following information to farmers, university students, school children, and other distinguished guests throughout the event period."

  • The mandated function of SLCARP,

  • The research conducted by the institute with NARS and the findings,

  • Publications of the institute.

Agri-Tech 24Agri-Tech 24Agri-Tech 24