Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy

Ministry of Agriculture

Capacity Building Programme

I am H.M.P.S. Kumari, Assistant Director of Agriculture attached to the Horticultural Crops Research and Development Institute under the Department of Agriculture. I was awarded a PhD scholarship from Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy, in 2016. My PhD scholarship included study of resistant breeding, its genetic relationship, inheritance of genetic resistance and development of technology to identify breeding bean rust disease resistance. Due to the of lack of previous study reported on this study in Sri Lanka I requested help from SLCARP as my PhD sponsor, Department of Agriculture and my external supervisor Prof. Cholani Weebadde at Michigan State University, USA.The cost of training was shared between SLCAR, DOA and Michigen State University for three months training at Michigean State University USA and United states Department of Agriculture (USDA). I got very good exposure to the related research with eminent scientist in USA. I trained with research group at Michigan State University under Professor James D Kelly, eminent bean breeder and Dr Marcial A. Pastor Corrales eminent pathologist, USDA , Beltsville, Maryland. With this training I learnt very applicable resistant breeding technologies related with pathogen race specific gene reactions. In Sri Lanka this technology is never applied for bean resistant breeding. Follow up activities and my future plan is to publish this technology among our scientist with demonstration and apply this technology to my PhD research directly to achieve my research objectives. In addition to that my objective is to develop well established advance method to assist breeders to develop stable resistance in bean rust resistance.