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Second Half Yearly Progress Monitoring -2018.04.20

Second half yearly progress monitoring -2017 of NARP Projects by National Committee on Crop Improvement and Agronomy. 14 Projects were evaluated and the Physical and Financial progress of the project were satisfactory good. The project conducted by Mrs.Kalubovila under the NARD Programme has released a very good variety of passionfruit

Floriculture Committee Meeting 2017.03.23

External Review 2018.03.16

Workshop on Writing quality Research Paper : tips& tricks

“Writing a winning Research proposal for NARP Programme: a definitive guide”

Having identified by the National Committees of SLCARP as proposal writing ability of most of the NARS scientists were very poor and not up to the standard, SLCARP has conducted a one day workshop on “Writing a winning Research proposal for NARP Programme: a definitive guide” on 21st December 2017 for the junior and middle level scientists at National Agricultural Research System of Sri Lanka (NARS) at the SLCARP Secretariat. The objective of the workshop is to improve the proposal writing skills of scientists in the arena of the Science and Technology and thereby getting more quality research proposal for NARP-2019. Forty scientists were participated at this workshop and the total cost incurred in this workshop was Rs. 35,800.00. Evaluating the training programme by the participants using the given evaluation form revealed that workshop and the theme has been highly appreciated and two day programme was requested by the majority of participants. Hence SLCARP decided to conduct many workshops of this nature such as Proposal writing, Statistical designing, Data analysis, Scientific writing. Report writing etc. The resource person of this workshop was Dr. Pradeepa Bandaranayake, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya and all the participants highly recommended and highly appreciated her teaching and guiding of writing the project proposals.

Floriculture Committee Meeting -2017.07.18

4th Generation Fertilizer Workshop-2017.07.17

Livestock Committee Meeting - 2017.07.11


Workshop Description

Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy (SLCARP) organized a Seminar for progress reviewers on 29th June 2017 to review the performance of Agricultural Research Projects, institutions and divisions at the end of the 2nd quarter, 2017. This seminar was attended by 40 scientists from 20 Research Institutes/Departments/Boards/Agencies. This seminar was held as a fulfillment of a function mentioned in the SLCARP Act No. 47 of 1987. Dr. S D G Jayawardena, Chairman of SLCARP explained the relevance and objectives of this seminar. All presentations were undertaken based on a given format, which included introduction to the research organization, total number of scientists according to the Carder and at present in 2017; total number of scientists in 2017 by qualifications as trained scientists for PhD, M Phil, MSc, MA, BSc, or BA holders and also the number of scientists untrained. Information also included the number of scientists by discipline, number of research projects by discipline and number of research projects by SLCARP National Committees. Financial status of each research organization which included the total recurrent and capital budget allocations to institutions by Treasury, total budget allocation for Research Projects by treasury, other institutes/agencies for research projects, foreign funded research budget and finally the total research budget for research organization by discipline in 2017.

Research progress up to the 2nd Quarter in terms of financial and physical was analyzed. Financial expenditure up to the 2nd Quarter by discipline and physical achievements as a percent of cumulative progress by discipline was examined. Summing up and concluding remarks were done by Dr. J D H Wijewardena, Secretary of SLCARP. Second seminar for progress review will be arranged in December 2017.